New functions for even easier financial processes

At finway, we develop our product every day and work on new functionalities that take work off your hands and simplify the management of your expenses.

September 2021

DATEV-integration, multi-step approval processes, multi-company capability and vendor rules

With the latest update, cost centers can be grouped, budgets can be planned by month, expenses can be split and multi-step approval processes can be created. The DATEV integration, vendor rules for faster invoice processing and multi-company capability complete the September update.

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August 2021

OCR functionality update

With the august update comes a completely revised OCR, so that invoices can be read out even faster and even more precisely.

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July 2021

Collective & scheduled transfers and cost center 2

With collective and scheduled transfers you can pay invoices even more flexibly. Customizable tax keys and teams help you to adapt finway to your needs. With the help of cost center 2 (cost units), you can more clearly define what purpose specific expenses have.

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June 2021

Virtual & physical finway corporate cards

With the new virtual and physical debit cards from finway, you can make flexible purchases online and offline, manage subscriptions, equip all employees with cards and manage your expenses even more flexibly, easily and smartly.

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May 2021

Invoice receipt & auto-approvement limits

With invoice receipt, you can now upload several invoices to finway at the same time and process them directly. You can also use auto-approval limits for automatic approvals and additional currencies. And there’s more: We added a practical search function and extended reporting to integrate finway even better in your business.

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