Company cards for the whole team

It has never been easier to make flexible purchases online and offline: With finway company cards, you can conveniently equip all employees with virtual and physical cards.

Online and offline

With finway company cards you can really make any purchase, whether in the supermarket, online or on a business trip.

Transparency and control

With individual limits, you have maximum flexibility while retaining control over all cards.

Flexibility and speed

You have an overview of all cards, transactions and subscriptions in real time at all times.

Virtual and physical company cards for the whole team

Give your team the resources they deserve

With finway, you can provide physical and virtual debit cards to individual team members, entire teams or departments. With just a few clicks, you can create company cards for your employees, apply for physical cards with your company logo and quickly and easily load the required budget into your finway Wallet.

Flexible limits per card and employee

Be maximally flexible without giving up control

You can set an individual limit for each corporate card and thus always have control over all expenses and budgets. You can also specify whether the use should be limited to certain merchant categories, countries or cash payments, for example.

Manage all company cards centrally in finway

Manage all company cards and transactions in one tool.

See all current and pending transactions for all cards at a glance in real time. This way you manage all company expenses transparently in a single tool.

Even better subscription management with linked finway cards

Never lose track of your subscriptions again.

Link your subscriptions to recurring payments with a virtual card and fixed monthly budget and get even more overview of ongoing subscriptions and the associated expenses.

Apply for a virtual card directly with a purchase request

Benefit from intuitive and efficient workflows

Employees can directly request a virtual card for one-time use with new purchase requests. This is created after approval of the request and deleted again after the transaction. Alternatively, existing cards can be selected directly.

Automatic receipt upload reminders after a card transaction

Stop wasting time searching for missing receipts.

Stop chasing missing receipts and get more time for the important things. All transactions are automatically assigned to the correct card and can be quickly and easily allocated to the appropriate receipt and pre-assigned for accounting.

Flexible company cards for all employees and all expenses

Employees are more satisfied and feel valued

Employees are actively involved in the purchasing process and are given additional flexibility for online and offline purchases. After each payment, they receive an automatic reminder to upload the corresponding receipt to finway. This means that no more receipts are lost and there is no need to ask for the card of colleagues or superiors every time a payment is made.

Heads of department always have an overview of expenses & budget

Department heads always have an overview of all their team’s expenses, subscriptions with recurring payments and budgets in real time. With the intuitive request and approval workflows, they save valuable time and can approve virtual cards directly with the purchase requests. Limits and possible restrictions can be set individually per employee:in and card.

The finance department gains valuable time for more important tasks

Thanks to finway, the finance department no longer has to chase missing receipts, checks expenses quickly and easily directly in finway and can thus prepare the accounting efficiently. Thanks to the increased transparency, it detects potential problems, missing invoices or errors at an early stage. All debit cards are conveniently managed in one place.

Difference between physical and virtual debit cards

Virtual debit cards work in the same way as traditional physical debit cards except that only online purchases can be made with them. Virtual debit cards also give you a PIN. You can create virtual debit cards directly in finway for one-time use, recurring payments or for longer-term use.
With the virtual debit cards, you can quickly and easily provide all employees with cards. This gives you maximum flexibility and always control over all spending, limits and other restrictions. At the same time, your employees no longer need to initiate strenuous reimbursement processes, as they can pay for purchases directly with their own virtual cards.

Integration of corporate debit cards into your expense management.

Company debit cards can be seamlessly integrated into your expense management in a holistic software like finway. You apply for physical cards and create virtual cards directly in your finway account. From applying for purchases, to matching receipts and transactions, to expense reporting, use finway debit cards flexibly for your expenses and customise them to your business processes.
In finway, in addition to debit cards, you can also connect your bank account and pay open amounts quickly and easily directly without leaving finway.

FAQ about finway company cards

What are finway company cards?

The finway company cards are debit cards that a company can apply for for itself and its employees so that they can make online and offline purchases without having to advance any amounts privately.

What are the benefits of finway cards?

  • Automated allocation of receipts and transactions
  • Transparent real-time overview of all card issues
  • Individual card limits for employees and departments
  • Employees no longer have to advance company expenses privately
  • Worldwide online and offline payments; even on the move
  • Easier and faster accounting preparation
  • More flexibility for your entire expense management

What is the difference between a debit card and a credit card?

While credit cards grant a credit or drawing limit, with debit cards a deposited business account is debited directly for every purchase or within a few days. For each transaction with a physical or virtual finway card, the corresponding amount is debited from your finway Wallet. Debit cards have many decisive advantages in companies compared to the classic company credit card. But the most important one is that you retain full control over all cards and can track every expense at any time. Card limits and the one-time use of a card also significantly reduce the risk of card misuse or theft of card data.

Why should you get company cards for your employees?

Company debit cards give your employees the flexibility they need for their everyday work, whether on business trips, when purchasing office supplies or booking a new marketing tool. The annoying query of card data from colleagues or superiors before a purchase or tedious applications for expense reimbursements are definitely a thing of the past. At the same time, you show your employees appreciation and trust and actively involve them in your processes.
As a finance department, you no longer have to chase receipts, can flexibly set limits and restrictions for the cards and always have control and an overview of all cards and transactions.

What are virtual debit cards suitable for?

Virtual debit cards allow you to shop online safely and conveniently. Virtual cards are particularly suitable for one-time use, as you can create them in a tool like finway directly when creating a purchase application and the card automatically deletes itself after the purchase. In addition, you can link virtual debit cards to a subscription. All recurring payments for the linked subscription come off the specially created company card. This gives you a better overall overview of all your ongoing subscriptions.
If employees or teams regularly make various payments online, create a virtual company card for this that can be used over a longer period of time.

How do I apply for the cards?

Before applying for your first card, you will go through a KYB (Know your Business) process to verify your identity. The identity check is carried out in cooperation with Sumsub. You can then apply for cards directly in finway. Virtual cards can be used immediately for online purchases. Physical cards will arrive within 6 working days after application.

How does the finway wallet work?

After the identification process has been successfully completed, a wallet is automatically assigned to your finway account. You can then conveniently top up the Wallet by bank transfer or standing order to use your cards. Each time you charge your cards, the corresponding transaction amount will then be debited from your Wallet. All the cards you apply for (physical and virtual) access the central Wallet. The Wallet is an access-restricted account at Banking Circle in Luxembourg. Neither finway nor other third parties have access to the Wallet and the account behind it.

Who issues the finway company cards?

The finway cards are Debit Mastercard® Business Cards. You can also find more information on this at Mastercard.

Where can the finway cards be used?

Business Debit Mastercards can be used at over 30 million merchants, petrol stations, restaurants and hotels worldwide. With the physical and virtual cards, you can make purchases conveniently and securely both online and on-site.

Do the cards cost extra?

There are no additional costs for virtual debit cards. For physical cards you pay €7 per card per month. You can find more information about our prices here.

How does finway prevent fraud?

In case of suspicious activity, your card (physical or virtual) will be temporarily blocked. You will receive an e-mail notification of the blocking and can track and check the suspicious transaction(s) in your finway account. Afterwards, the card can be activated again.

In any case, you also have the option of blocking a physical card in finway yourself, e.g. if you lose it. You can choose between a temporary or final blocking.

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