Connect your bank and pay directly in finway

Pay outstanding amounts without leaving finway: Simply set up bank connectivity and manage all expenses in one tool.

  • You can connect over 4,500 banks to finway
  • After connecting, make payments directly from finway
  • Efficient and flexible with collective and forward transfers

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Automated assignment of receipts and transactions

Never again manually reconcile receipts with bank statements.

You can quickly import all bank transactions into finway via the bank interface or via CSV. The automated matching then assigns the matching invoice to each transaction and points out missing invoices.

Simply connect your bank and pay directly from finway

Direct online transfer through bank integration

Over 2,700 banks can be connected to finway, so you can pay outstanding bills without leaving the tool and logging into your online banking. If you don’t pay your bill from finway, you can simply mark it as paid to keep the system clean.

Pay several invoices at the same time

Even more efficient with collective transfers

You want to pay several bills at the same time? No problem. Simply select the invoices, pay them, and you’re done. The transactions are booked individually despite the collective transfer.

Plan transfers flexibly

Conveniently plan payments in advance with term transfers

Remain flexible with the term transfer. You can schedule the payment of individual invoices as well as make collective transfers.

FAQs about bank connection

Do I have to connect my bank to use finway?

No, the use of finway does not depend on the bank connection. For example, you can also import bank transactions via CSV for transaction matching or mark invoices as paid if you do not pay them directly from finway.

Can I connect several bank accounts to finway?

In principle, it is possible to connect several bank accounts to finway. You can add different bank accounts of one bank or accounts of different banks to your finway instance.

How do I connect my bank to finway?

As an admin, you can add your bank in the settings by searching for the bank name or the sort code, for example. Your existing bank account is connected via our API provider. You log in with your normal online banking dial-in data and verify yourself e.g. via MTAN. The bank connection is then active for 90 days. Afterwards, the connection of your bank with finway must be verified again.

How does payment directly from finway work?

Once you have connected your bank account to finway, you can use the “Pay now” function for your invoices. If you have multiple bank accounts, set one bank account as your default connection. Payments can be triggered in finway via a secure PSD2 interface with an API provider.

Is it safe to connect my bank to finway?

Both the payment and the retrieval of your account information take place via a PSD2-compliant interface and not directly via finway. Your data is transmitted encrypted via the bank interface.

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