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200 monthly invoices
300 monthly invoices
500 monthly invoices
750 monthly invoices
1000 monthly invoices
149€ Annual payment*
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699€ Annual payment*
899€ Annual payment*

*For annual payment. 20% more for monthly payment. One-off costs for implementation and onboarding not included. For more than 1000 monthly invoices, please contact our sales department.

All functions at a glance

Purchase- and invoice processing

Document 2

Flexible workflows for approvals with individual limits
You can determine which expenses have to be released by whom and in what amount. Based on this information, defined release processes are triggered.

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Accounting and reimbursement of employee expenses
Whether travel costs or cash expenses – with finway you can manage all expenses and reimburse your employees directly.

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Manage all subscriptions in one place
Keep track of all subscriptions, including invoices, payments and expiry dates

Peparing accounting

Automated reading of receipts via OCR
No typing of invoice data – the OCR recognises the invoice data and automatically takes it over for further processing and posting.

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Integrated supplier and contract management
Your suppliers, their master data and conditions are stored in finway in such a way that you can access them directly for each invoicing process.

Business Debit Mastercards®


Virtual cards for online purchases and subscriptions
Virtual cards are the perfect solution for online purchases and subscriptions. The cards can be created in no time and loaded with the required budget.


Physical cards with your company logo
For offline use, use physical cards that can be customized with your company logo.


Individual restrictions on card use
You can specify whether the use of a card should be restricted, e.g. to merchant categories, countries or cash payments.

Transparecy 1

Cards seamlessly integrated with full transparency
You can see all current and pending transactions across all cards at a glance in real time. This finally gives you full transparency over your spendings.


Flexible limits and budgets at card level
You can define spending limits for each card, giving you full control over spending.

Reciept 2

Matching of card transactions and receipts.
Transactions are automatically assigned to the correct card and can be pre-accounted for accounting purposes.

Reporting and communication

Reporting and Analytics

Reports on current and future expenses
Reports at cost centre, supplier or employee level give you full transparency on settled and upcoming expenses.

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Reconciliation between budgets and expenses in real time
You can define budgets for your cost centers and finway automatically reconciles them with incurred and pending expenses.

Comments 2

Comment function for all transactions
Ask questions or make comments on purchase requests or invoices directly in the transaction. This prevents media discontinuities and provides the necessary context.

Cloud 3

Customized exports of all invoice information
All data can be easily exported via CSV and prepared for more in-depth analyses.

Mail 1

Individual notifications and reminders by email

finway can inform you by e-mail when a task is waiting for you or a process has been updated. You decide which messages you receive.

Payment and accounting

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Direct online transfer through bank integration

Over 2700 banks can be connected directly to finway so you can transfer invoices without leaving the tool.

Money 4

Initial account assignment for cost centres and G/L accounts
Facilitate the work of the accounting department or your tax advisor by assigning G/L accounts and cost centres to the expenses.

Reciept 2

Matching between bank transactions and receipts
You can import all transactions via the bank interface or via CSV. finway automatically matches them to the matching receipts and points out missing receipts.


One-click export to DATEV Unternehmen Online
With one click you can export accounting transactions and document images for upload to DATEV Unternehmen Online. This export contains all the data you need for accounting in DATEV.

Security and compliance

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GoBD-compliant processes and document storage
finway meets the criteria of GoBD-compliant accounting, document storage and archiving.

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Two-factor authentication for more security
Prevent unauthorised access with 2FA via SMS, Google or Duo Authenticator.

Direction 18

Unlimited document storage
All documents and processes can be stored indefinitely in finway.


Can we test finway in our company?

You can test finway free of charge for 14 days. In addition to automatic invoice entry, the trial version includes all core functions, integrations, workflows and the unlimited invitation of additional users. The test version is equipped with demo data. You can request your test account directly here.

How quickly can I implement finway in my company?

Switching to finway is simple and straightforward. You can import all relevant data such as suppliers or cost centres into the tool in just a few minutes, invite your employees and get started immediately. Your personal Customer Success Manager supports you during onboarding.

Can I use finway on all devices?

Whether in the office, in the home office or on the road: you can use finway flexibly at any time on the device of your choice.

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