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All functions at a glance

Purchase- and invoice processing

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Flexible workflows for approvals with individual limits

You can determine which expenses have to be released by whom and in what amount. Based on this information, defined release processes are triggered.

Peparing accounting

Automated reading of receipts via OCR

No typing of invoice data – the OCR recognises the invoice data and automatically takes it over for further processing and posting.

Multistep Approval

Multi-level invoice workflows

You can create complex approval processes using multi-level workflows. Define triggers (e.g., a specific vendor or cost center), define the request type for which the workflow should apply (e.g., purchasing requests), and determine the number and sequence of people who should approve these requests.


Credit notes and discounts

With finway you can process credit notes and discounts automatically.

Vendor rules (1)

Vendor rules

Vendor rules enable the almost fully automated processing of invoices. Specify that for certain suppliers the appropriate cost center, cost object as well as G/L account are already preselected. This can minimize human errors and the effort required for certain applications.

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Duplicate invoice check

finway checks if newly uploaded invoices already exist in the system to minimize the risk of duplicate paid invoices. This way, you can ensure that your account remains clean and no duplicates are created.


Email forwarding for automatic invoice upload

Forward incoming invoices to These are then automatically uploaded to your finway account and read via OCR


Bulk uploads of multiple invoices

Upload as many invoices as you like at the same time via bulk upload for further processing in finway.

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Subscription Management

Keep track of all subscriptions, including invoices, payments, and expiration dates.

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Supplier and contract management

Your suppliers, their master data and conditions are stored in finway in such a way that you can access them directly for each invoicing process.

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Android and iOS app

All the important functions for on the go always with you: making purchase requests, uploading invoices/receipts or approving requests.

Preparatory accounting


DATEV integration

With one click you can transfer all document images and accounting information to DATEV Unternehmen Online. The DATEV transfer contains invoice data relevant for accounting in DATEV, such as payment date, amount, VAT rate, invoice number, cost center or pre-assigned G/L account.

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Initial account assignment for cost centres and G/L accounts

Facilitate the work of the accounting department or your tax advisor by assigning G/L accounts and cost centres to the expenses.

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Matching between bank transactions and receipts

You can import all transactions via the bank interface or via CSV. finway automatically matches them to the matching receipts and points out missing receipts.

Expense split

Split expenses and line items

You can assign requests and line items in requests to different cost centers, cost objects and G/L accounts. This enables a better allocation, e.g. if purchases affect several departments. You can either make the allocation on a percentage basis or set it dedicated for the different items.

Payments: Business debit cards from Mastercard® and bank connection

Reporting and Analytics

Direct online transfer through bank integration

Over 4,500 banks can be connected directly to finway, allowing you to transfer invoices without leaving the tool and logging into your online banking. Also possible are forward and collective transfers.


Virtual cards for online purchases and subscriptions

Virtual cards are the perfect solution for online purchases and subscriptions. The cards can be created in no time and loaded with the required budget.


Physical cards with your company logo

For offline use, use physical cards that can be customized with your company logo.


Choice between debit and prepaid mode

You can freely choose between debit mode, where your cards are topped up with the required amount in real time at the time of the transaction, and prepaid mode, where you top up your finway wallet in advance for card transactions.


Individual restrictions on card use

You can specify whether the use of a card should be restricted, e.g. to merchant categories, countries or cash payments.

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Cards seamlessly integrated with full transparency

You can see all current and pending transactions across all cards at a glance in real time. This finally gives you full transparency over your spendings.


Flexible limits and budgets at card level

You can define spending limits for each card, giving you full control over spending.

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Matching of card transactions and receipts

Transactions are automatically assigned to the correct card and can be pre-accounted for accounting purposes.

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Google Pay

Secure and contactless payment with finway via Google Pay. Simply add a physical or virtual card to your Android device and spend conveniently on the go.

Reimbursement of expenses

upload receipts

Conveniently upload receipts

Whether you’re traveling, in the office, or at the supermarket, receipts are quickly and easily uploaded to finway and automatically read via OCR.

Reimbursement of expenses

Reimbursement of expenses done in the blink of an eye

You can reimburse expenses directly in the tool to the bank account of your employees.

Reporting and budget control

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Set budgets and responsibilities flexibly

Define a budget and a responsible person for each cost center. You can assign different budgets on a monthly basis and adapt the budget planning to your company.

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Make informed budget decisions

When approvals are made, you directly see the budget impact and only release what your budget allows.

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More detail with sub-cost centers and cost units

Add a second level of cost centers and group them into categories to customize your reporting. Use cost units for better allocation of your expenses and more granular reporting.

Reporting and Analytics

Reports on current and future expenses

Reports at cost centre, supplier or employee level give you full transparency on settled and upcoming expenses.

budget expenses

Reconciliation between budgets and expenses in real time

You can define budgets for your cost centers and finway automatically reconciles them with incurred and pending expenses.

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Cash flow or expense perspective

Add performance periods to your expenses for proper allocation in your monthly budgets and compare cash flow and expense views in reporting.

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Customized exports of all invoice information

All data can be easily exported via CSV or DATEV-XML and prepared for more in-depth analyses.

purchase requests

Purchase requests for full budget control and better forecasting

With purchase requests, you can include expenses in your budgets even before they happen. This gives you a better data basis for your budget planning and allows you to make informed decisions.


Easy offer management

Attach as many quotes as you like to purchase requests – for better comparison and a reasoned decision.

Communication, security and compliance


Multi-client capability

You can add additional companies to your finway account and thus control the expense management of different companies centrally from one tool.

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GoBD-compliant processes and document storage

finway meets the criteria of GoBD-compliant accounting, document storage and archiving.


Flexible settings for individual use

No matter whether currencies, control keys or team splitting – in finway you can adjust the setting to your individual needs.


Customized notifications and reminders via email

finway can notify you by email when a task is waiting for you or a task has been updated. You determine which messages you receive.

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Comment function for all transactions

Ask questions or make comments on purchase requests or invoices directly in the transaction. This prevents media discontinuities and provides the necessary context.

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Two-factor authentication for more security

Prevent unauthorised access with 2FA via SMS, Google or Duo Authenticator.

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Search and filters

Powerful search and filters help you quickly find any transaction, from any vendor, department, amount and date.


Can we test finway in our company?

You can test finway free of charge for 14 days. In addition to automatic invoice entry, the trial version includes all core functions, integrations, workflows and the unlimited invitation of additional users. The test version is equipped with demo data. You can request your test account directly here.

How quickly can I implement finway in my company?

Switching to finway is simple and straightforward. You can import all relevant data such as suppliers or cost centres into the tool in just a few minutes, invite your employees and get started immediately. Your personal Customer Success Manager supports you during onboarding.

Can I use finway on all devices?

Whether in the office, in the home office or on the road: you can use finway flexibly at any time on the device of your choice.

Get to know finway

Our experts will guide you through the tool in approx. 30 minutes without obligation and will work out potentials for your company together with you.

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