finway 14-day free trial

Simple and flawless finance processes with holistic expense management. No more invoice chaos, time for an upgrade.


  • No download / no installation necessary
  • Full access to all Professional features
  • 100% free trial – no credit card required
  • Optional support from our product experts


Non-binding and without risk.

4.6/5 OMR Reviews

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FAQs about the free trial

What happens when my 14-day trial ends?

finway has a 100% free trial. During the free trial period, you have access to every finway Professional feature, allowing you to get a clear picture of how finway works. The trial period expires automatically.

Still unsure after the trial period? We want you to feel comfortable with your decision. At any time, even during the trial period, you can arrange a non-binding product demo with our experts to clarify any questions regarding finway.

How quickly can I implement finway in my company?

Switching to finway is simple and straightforward. You can import all relevant data such as suppliers or cost centres into the tool in just a few minutes, invite your employees and get started immediately. Your personal Customer Success Manager supports you during onboarding. Learn more about the implementation here.

Can I test the finway cards in the trial version?

You cannot pay with finway cards from the test version. However you can use the test access with demo data to see what the finway company card area looks like and what settings you can make for the company cards.

Can I use the trial version with my live transactions or connect banks?

Yes, the trial version includes all features of the latest version of finway Professional. Therefore, you can test the bank connection as well as load live transactions into finway and check how you can cover existing workflows and processes with finway.

Can I invite other employees to the trial version?

Yes, you get an administrative role in the trial version, so you can add unlimited people from your team and different organization levels.

Where is my data stored with finway?

Your data at finway is stored on servers in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. Your data is permanently encrypted both at rest and in flight. Likewise, our databases, hard drives and connections are encrypted.


finway is immediately ready for use and the test access is 100% free of charge