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Efficient collaboration with tax consultant is crucial

How to collaborate more efficiently with your tax consultant?

What do you have to pay attention to when working with a tax consultant? Which steps of the preparatory accounting can or should you do yourself, so that monthly closing & co. can be done efficiently and on time? Read our tips!


Virtual Credit Cards from Finway

Virtual credit cards

What are virtual credit cards? Can they be used in the same way as real credit cards? And how can companies benefit from their use?


Stressed out Accountant

Top 10 manual steps in internal financial processes (and how to avoid them)

Finance departments, tax advisors and other employees involved in internal financial processes waste countless hours each month on to-dos that are not only time-consuming but also completely avoidable. We uncover the biggest resource guzzlers.

invoice approval goes smooth with finway

Intelligent invoice approval workflows

The processing of invoices and receipts costs companies far more time than necessary, day after day. But in many companies and businesses, workflows are not regulated or structured. In this article, we explain how well thought-out approval processes and effective, holistic communication and documentation can help here.

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