That's how spend management works

finway makes spend management in SMEs as simple and intuitive as it should be in a digital world. All invoices, subscriptions, approval processes and smart company cards united on one holistic platform.

Your all-in-one spend management platform

finway combines intelligent automation, clear reporting and intuitive workflows on one platform. For less effort – because it’s so much fun!

Product Overview finway
finway software for spend management finway mobile finway company card

All spedings, budgets
and to-do’s at any time
at a glance!


Fast implementation, easy to use

finway makes complex financial processes as simple and intuitive as possible for all employees, thus facilitating their daily work.


All important work steps centrally in one tool

finway combines and automates previously separate work steps for a holistic overview of all expenses and budgets – without media breaks.

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Full control & transparency over all financial data

finway makes the preparation of financial data clear and effortless to discover new potentials, minimize errors and always stay in control.

Finway Rechnungsverarbeitung

Process invoices automatically

From receipt and capture to verification and approval: process all invoices digitally and automatically using smart workflows.

Finway managed alle Ausgaben auf einer Plattform

Flexible payment with bank connection or cards

With the virtual and physical finway cards, you can make convenient online and offline purchases. Or you can connect your bank and pay directly from finway.


Prepare accounting without stress

Prepare your bookkeeping effortlessly thanks to automated invoice & transaction matching and pre-accounting, and get to the monthly closing faster.

Finway Budgetkontrolle

Keep control & make the right strategic decisions

Never miss payment deadlines, manage all subscriptions and keep an eye on budgets and expenses at all times.

What financial experts and our customers say about finway

Andy Goldstein Deloitte

”finway is a top notch FinTech Startup from Munich, offering a breakthrough SaaS solution, enabling small-to-medium enterprises to save time and money by automizing the entire internal financial process from purchase request to payment in one tool.”

Sebastian Janus

Efficient spend management is essential for every company and its growth. With finway, startups, for example, can implement this easily, quickly and at an early stage. This way, companies lay the foundation for their scaling and avoid later conversion costs and effort.

Florian Schräpler

“The process for invoice approvals has become totally simple with finway. We are thrilled with how well it works and how you can set who can approve what and when. Approvals have become faster and, above all, error-free. Approvals are no longer given to the wrong people. Whereas it used to take us a week to approve an invoice, we can now do it within an hour and the invoice is paid within two days at the latest.”


Laurence Gaubert-Quenau

“The finway team has done a great job by integrating key purchasing controls and KPIs! This platform is efficient and brings the right purchasing and budget processes to SMEs!”

Prof. Dr. Juergen Ernstberger

“The finance function can benefit significantly from finway’s technology. It increases data quality, provides real-time insights into company spending, and prevents common accounting errors such as lost invoices or duplicate payments.”

Jens Weinem

“With finway, small and medium-sized companies can prepare accounting optimally and thoroughly. Thanks to the pre-accounting for cost centers and expense accounts and the already performed reconciliation between bank transactions and receipts, the effort on the part of the tax advisor is significantly reduced. Thus, errors are avoided and accounting runs more efficiently.”

Vanessa Halwaß

“As a digital tax advisor, we are happy to recommend software such as finway to our clients in order to reduce administrative work on the part of our clients and for us in accounting. With finway, data and receipts are prepared and collected without media breaks. This gives both the company and the tax advisor an overview of all expenses.”

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