finway einfach mit DATEV verbinden

Smooth accounting preparation with DATEV integration

With one click you send all relevant accounting information to DATEV Unternehmen Online and reduce effort, costs and errors in preparatory accounting to a minimum.

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Many finance teams already prepare their accounting with finway

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Full control and transparency - at all times

With finway, you never have to chase missing invoices or receipts again.

Peparing accounting

Simple invoice and receipt management

Automated receipt allocation, simple reimbursements and fast pre-accounting – all in one software.

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Hassle-free to the end of the month

With the DATEV integration you reduce manual errors and get to the month-end closing even faster.

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Simple set-up of the DATEV integration

No matter whether you want to send all bookings to DATEV automatically by default or trigger the export of an output manually: The DATEV intergration is set up and ready to go in no time at all.

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Reduce effort and errors

With the DATEV integration you reduce the effort for exporting to DATEV and eliminate possible sources of error and subsequent modification possibilities through direct transfer – for error-free data records in DATEV.

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Prepare accounting faster

Automatically assign receipts and bookings. You can quickly preassign cost centers and G/L accounts directly in the tool and then send all booking information to DATEV – for a stress-free monthly closing.

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1-click export without media breaks

You now only need two tools for your invoice processing and accounting: finway and DATEV. You no longer need to use DATEV-Belegtransfer thanks to the direct 1-click export.

Transfer more important information to DATEV via the custom datev information

Transfer all important information with the DATEV note

If you want to transfer information that is not covered in the standard fields, you can do this using the DATEV note. You have the possibility to define the information to be transferred per order type (for subscriptions, refund with/without article, etc.). This way it will be exported as a note directly from finway to DUO.

Configure the DATEV booking text

Transfer DATEV booking texts according to your needs

Independently of the DATEV note, you can also configure the DATEV booking text and thus transfer the information to DATEV Unternehmen Online with one click.

Advantages of the DATEV interface at a glance:

  • Simple and central document entry and processing
  • Automated export from finway directly to DATEV
  • Error-free data transfer
  • Improved cooperation with accounting and tax advisors
  • DATEV-Belegtransfer is no longer required

More information on preparatory accounting with finway

FAQ about DATEV integration

Can booking information be exported directly from finway to DATEV?

Thanks to the DATEV integration, you connect finway with DATEV and export all relevant booking data seamlessly to DATEV Unternehmen online.

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