Digitaler Rechnungseingang

Digital invoice receipt

With finway, employees will never have to search for missing invoices again.

  • Invoices and receipts are waiting for you in the invoice inbox
  • Workflows integrate all relevant people into the process
  • You pay invoices on time, error-free and securely

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Forward your invoices via your company specific email address now, which contains only letters and numbers for more security

E-mail forwarding for automatic upload

You can forward incoming invoices to your company-specific email address. These are then automatically uploaded to your finway account and read out with OCR.

Upload multiple invoices at once via bulk upload

Bulk uploads of multiple invoices

Upload several invoices to finway at the same time via bulk upload. These are automatically read out via OCR and can be processed and paid directly.

Automatic invoice capture via OCR

Automatic invoice capture via OCR

With finway, you don’t have to laboriously decipher and type out invoice data. OCR invoice recognition automatically reads your invoices and captures all relevant invoice data.

Assign uploaded invoices directly to existing purchase orders

Direct allocation to purchase orders and subscriptions

Add invoices from the invoice receipt directly to previously created purchase orders or subscriptions. If there is not yet a suitable application, you can create a new invoice application directly from the invoice receipt.

Select a date on which you'd like the request to be displayed in your invoice receipt again

Tidy invoice receipt through follow-up function

Your invoice receipt is cluttered, you have requests for which you are still waiting for the receipts? Set the status for such requests to follow-up, and they will be displayed again on the set date.

Archiving of all invoices and convenient search

Unlimited and secure archiving

All invoices and receipts can be retrieved at any time in finway using the search function and can be stored indefinitely.

Procedure for digital invoice receipt processing

In many companies, invoices are received in different places. The finance department faces the challenge of collecting all invoices and receipts. Often, invoice data is entered manually and subsequent invoice approvals are obtained manually. This not only delays approvals, but also payments and the preparation of the month-end closing. With digital invoice receipt processing, you collect all invoices centrally in one tool. Automatic invoice capture in turn saves time when extracting the relevant data. Not only do you always have all invoices at hand, but you can also process incoming invoices quickly, avoid errors when entering them and no longer have to chase after receipts or invoices.

FAQ about invoice receipt

What is an invoice receipt?

Invoice receipt basically refers to the process when an incoming invoice is received by a company. Incoming invoices are invoice documents that are sent to the company by a supplier or service provider, for example.

What are the advantages of a digital invoice receipt?

With many incoming invoices, invoice receipt can quickly become confusing and delay the entire invoice processing process. With an electronic invoice ledger, you can not only ensure that all invoices are centrally collected and automatically recorded, but also have transparent documentation of the entire process in a single tool, from receipt and approval to payment and electronic archiving of incoming invoices. With a search function, you can find invoices quickly and easily.

What is OCR?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. With the help of OCR, finway can recognise text from an invoice PDF or a scanned invoice and extract this data for further processing.

Which invoice data is captured via OCR?

OCR captures all relevant invoice data such as the invoice date, the amount, the invoice number and the supplier or service provider. Invoice capture via OCR also works for invoices with multiple invoice items.

What are the advantages of automatic invoice capture?

With the automatic recognition of all relevant invoice data, you no longer have to enter data manually, can process incoming invoices directly and avoid errors when entering them.

Can invoices and receipts be scanned while on the move?

You can use finway on all end devices and photograph receipts and invoices on the go and upload them to the tool.

How does email forwarding work?

You can forward emails with an invoice attachment to a provided finway email address. The attached invoice is then automatically uploaded to your invoice inbox. All employees who are registered in finway can use the forwarding function. The e-mail forwarding must be done from the same e-mail address with which the employee is registered in the system. While employees only see the invoices in the invoice inbox that they themselves have sent to the finway email address, admins have access to all invoices in the inbox. With email forwarding, you can ensure a fast and reliable transmission of your invoice to your finway account.

Does finway support archiving of electronic invoices?

With finway, you have access to all invoices and receipts at any time. The storage of your documents is unlimited.

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