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Purchase requests

Trade fair stand, office supplies or marketing campaign: With purchase requests, employees can easily obtain offers and approvals for upcoming purchases directly in finway.

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Transparecy 1

Insights before spending

See expenses and the impact on your budget before you actually buy.

Cloud 2

Holistic from the start

With purchase requests, you start the process from the beginning and thus ensure a holistic workflow.

People 3

Involve all employees

Create a purchasing culture in the company in which all employees participate.

Use purchasing requests for better budget control

Full budget control, better forecasts

With purchase requests, you can include expenses in your budgets even before they happen. This gives you a better database for your budget planning and allows you to make better decisions.

Linking virtual cards with purchase orders

Link virtual card with purchase application

Apply directly for a one-time use virtual card with your purchase application. This will be created after approval for this application and deleted again after the successful transaction.

Simple management of multiple offers

Simplified offer management

Sometimes multiple offers need to be obtained for a purchase. Attach as many quotes as you like to purchase requests – for better comparison and informed decision-making.

Workflow: Automatic invoice upload reminders

Never chase invoices again

After a purchase request is approved, a task to upload the invoice is automatically assigned to the requestor. This means that the accounting department does not have to collect missing invoices at the end of the month, as the employees themselves take action.

Automatic purchase approvals for small amounts

Automatic approvals for small amounts

Some amounts are so small that employees do not need purchasing releases for them. You can flexibly define for each employee the limit up to which requests are to be automatically released. In this way, employees can make purchases directly. For contributions above the defined limit, the appropriate approver is automatically selected in the workflow.

FAQ about purchase requests

What's a purchase request?

Purchase application, purchase request, requisition or purchase order – there is no standard term for the application for a purchase, e.g. of work equipment. However, they basically mean the same thing: An employee needs a budget to make a purchase. Getting this can sometimes be a lengthy process. The supervisor may be asked about it by email, in a meeting or even during the coffee break and then reminded later. If the employee finally receives approval, he or she still needs the company credit card data to make the purchase or spends the money privately and is reimbursed later. It doesn’t have to be that complicated! finway provides you with a 360-degree workflow from the purchase request to the invoice approval to the preliminary account assignment for accounting.

What happens after the purchase request?

Once the purchase request has been approved, either by the appropriate approver or by automatic approval, the item can be purchased. If you have created a virtual card together with the request, you will now find it in the “Cards” area. Here you can now view the card data generated once for this purchase (card number, expiry date, CCV).

As the applicant, you will automatically receive a task in finway to upload the corresponding invoice. If desired, this can also be done by the finance department. After the invoice upload, the invoice application is sent again to the approver(s) for approval, to be subsequently checked and paid, unless a virtual card has been selected for the application.

Do virtual cards have to be created additionally?

If you select the option of a virtual card when making a purchase request, it does not need to be requested manually. The virtual card is automatically created with the application once it is approved. After the purchase and payment with the card, it is automatically deleted again. One-time cards draw the corresponding amount from your finway wallet and can be viewed transparently in your central card management in finway. Virtual cards are included in all finway packages and do not incur any additional costs. You can find more information on finway cards here.

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