finway Product Update: December 2022

Travel folders, follow-up and the restructuring of the settings now make working with finway even cleaner. With the update of the workflow functions, you raise the automation of your expense management to a new level 🚀

Group your travel expenses in one folder to make travel expense reporting clearer

Travel expenses now clearly reported with the folders

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A travel expense report can quickly become extensive. Therefore, you can now group all expenses of a trip in a folder to clearly process your travel expenses and submit them to the finance department. Submitting a folder initiates workflows for approval and review, so that all employees are directly involved and the reimbursement of travel expenses can be processed more quickly. Win-win for finance managers and employees who want to be reimbursed for their travel expenses in a timely manner.

Streamline approval processes with your business with the flexible workflows

More flexibility with the new workflow configurations

With the workflow update, finway can be customized even more precisely to your existing approval processes. Define yourself which colleague should take over the approval if an approver needs to be replaced. Moreover, you can now select up to three people as approvers in each step of the approval process. In addition, you can now combine two trigger types to further automate your approval processes. For example, a workflow can be triggered if the cost center is Marketing, and the vendor is Google Ads.
Another improvement is that you can now preview the approval process as soon as the request is created. This means that users can now see in the requests which approval workflow is triggered by their request, which makes approval processes transparent and comprehensible for all finway users.

Navigate through settings easily

The settings tab is now optimized

Where was this setting again? Thanks to the restructuring of the settings, this question is now a thing of the past: In the Company Settings tab you now only make settings related to your company, all settings for features can now be found in a separate tab directly below. In addition, the feature settings are again divided into 4 areas: General, Dashboard & Workflows, Banking & Cards, Export & Bookkeeping.

Tidy up your dashboard with the follow-up feature

Tidy dashboard thanks to the follow-up feature

The dashboard is too cluttered for you? Then use the follow-up function and tidy it up. Still waiting for a document and know when it will arrive? Set the status of the request to follow-up, and it will only be displayed to you again on the set date. Of course, you can also display the request at any time in the meantime using a quick filter.

UX improvements

Approved amount control

Get more control and visibility over how many requests have been approved. As soon as the amount in a request that has already been approved changes, for example because the amount updates when an invoice is uploaded by OCR, the request now receives a warning banner that the gross amount has increased. In addition, you will see the following information in the comments’ column:

  • The amount the request was initially submitted with
  • When the amount was updated by which user

If there are any ambiguities, you can clarify them directly with your colleagues in the comment column.

Naming of BU codes

As an admin, you can now name your BU codes to make it easier for your colleagues to work with finway: By naming them, your colleagues will be able to enter the correct tax code in a request without having to know the numbers or having to consult with you.

The export filter now also includes CC2 and G/L accounts

In the All-Tab export filter, it is now also possible to filter by cost unit and G/L account. This allows users to export more precisely.

View all stops of a trip in the PDF receipt and transfer them to DUO

finway Paket Professional

Another improvement in travel expense reporting with finway is that all stops of a trip are now listed in the PDF receipt that finway automatically creates when creating a travel expense reimbursement request. This PDF receipt and thus the information it contains can then be transferred to DATEV Unternehmen Online in the next step.

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