finway Product Update: May 2022

With the May update, you can customize finway even more and process requests faster. The new tagging function, the customizable CSV export, the flexible bank subject line and the marking of requests as paid or done support you in this.

Add tags to requests

Tagging function

With this feature, we offer you the ability to individually tag, group, and search/filter your finway requests. Admins can create tags that can be assigned to or removed from an request by other users. Tags can be used to cover frequently recurring use cases, e.g. urgent requests, requests that are ready for payment, requests that need to be reviewed in detail, etc. The tags are searchable and filterable and are displayed both in the overview and in the requests themselves. Automatically generated comments are added for adding and removing tags so that the assignment of tags can be tracked later.

Process invoices that have already been paid

Process invoices that have already been paid

Some invoices uploaded to finway have already been paid – or are still paid outside of finway via direct debit. For these cases, we now offer a flexible workflow that allows you to mark these invoices (e.g. as already paid). This enables a more efficient processing in finway,  since steps that are no longer necessary can be skipped.

Mark requests as done

Mark as done/exported

In the “To be exported” area, there is the option to mark expenses as “done” and thus skip the actual export. The expense will then land directly in the “Done” area. This can be useful for customers who export before payment and do not want to export again after payment. “Mark as Done” pushes the expense directly to the “Done” tab without triggering an export.

Customize the bank subject line according to your needs

Customize the bank subject line according to your needs

To provide you with more flexibility and automation when paying and transferring invoices, we are opening up the logic of the bank subject line. Until now, the bank subject line could only be customized within a bank transfer. From now on, the logic will be customizable so that you can configure the bank subject line of your choice for your bank transfers using various options in the settings. This will then be stored as the default in bank transfers. Of course, the bank subject line generated from this can still be changed manually as part of the payment.

Advanced CSV export

Advanced CSV export

In addition to our already existing CSV export, with the new update we offer you the possibility to highly customize it and thus adapt it even better to your internal processes and requirements.

Further improvements

Update of the status bar of the cards

The remaining amount on the card as well as the amount by which the limit has been exceeded have been added.

Switch between requests/expenses in a status

You now have the option to process all requests in a given status one after the other without having to switch to the dashboard. So if you process e.g. a request in the status “Documents needed”, you can jump from the request detail page directly to the next request in the status “Documents needed”.

Option in the settings to disable the modal for automatic approvals (Auto approver)

By default, warning for automatic approvals are enabled.


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