finway Product Update: June 2022

Define replacements for illness and vacation, set up rules based on employees, and carry out SEPA batch transfers via SEPA file.

Set up vacation and illness replacement

Vacation and illness replacement

In order to support your processes in finway smoothly and optimally even when employees are on vacation or otherwise absent, we are introducing a pragmatic approval process in the event of the absence of approvers with this update. In this process, absences can be added in the employee profile (either by all users or only by admins) and ensure that it is checked whether approvers are absent when a request is created. If so, request creators can choose to wait or handle the request promptly as part of a one-step approval process.

Define rules based on employees

Employee rules

Similar to the vendor rules, we now offer rules on the employee level. You can define the cost center, the cost center 2 as well as the G/L account by rules, which are to be applied with requests of certain employees. In the settings, you determine whether vendor rules should overwrite employee rules or vice versa.

SEPA batch payment

SEPA batch payments via SEPA file

Some banks do not yet fully support our current SEPA format. Therefore, we have revised our XML file with this update, so that collective transfers can be carried out via even more banks with only one PIN entry. The zip file with individual SEPA files now becomes a single SEPA file for batch payments. This saves many customers with certain banks from having to enter their PIN multiple times.


Set up buffers for debit cards

Limit buffer for debit cards

This new feature allows our customers to set up individual limit buffers (0% – 10%) for debit cards. These buffers can be used to prevent a card transaction from being rejected due to a small difference in amount – for example, if the price on an e-commerce platform fluctuates slightly.

For better transparency, the limit buffer is visible as such in the debit card progress bar. The buffer is independent of the forex padding, which is additionally active for transactions in foreign currencies (no fee).

Further improvements

Improved data handling and pagination

  • In the settings for G/L accounts and cost center 2, users can use pagination and some simplified editing tools, e.g. simultaneous deletion of multiple cost center 2 or G/L accounts at once. In addition, the amount of data is adjusted so that only the necessary data needs to be displayed and processed. For you, this means faster loading times, especially if you have created many cost center 2 or G/L accounts in finway. These improvements have also been implemented on the card detail view for the related transactions.
  • Another small but important improvement is the standardization of some terms for more consistency in the tool. One example: The use of the terms “PIN” and “passcode” in the tool has been standardized so that it is clear when it is a passcode and when it is the PIN.

Inactivity logout

You can now define in your settings after how many minutes or hours of inactivity users should be logged out of the tool and customize this to your needs.

Revision of the status “Already paid”

From now on, you can choose whether requests with the status “Already paid” should go through the approval workflow or skip it. This is defined in the settings for all requests.


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