finway Product Update: October 2023

Good news for all of you who work with Personio: Personio and finway can now be connected! In addition, October brings many improvements in terms of user-friendliness.

The Personio integration is here

Save a lot of typing and time, as information now only needs to be entered in Personio and automatically flows from there to finway – super smooth with the new integration, which is set up with just a few clicks.

You can export your own tags now.

Use tags in analyses? Sure!

Tags that you set yourself in finway can now also be exported. This way, no information is lost during the export and nothing stands in the way of further analyses in other programs.

Further improvements in finway

Create requests, employees, vendors and cost centers at any time

A new button allows you to create new requests, employees, vendors or cost centers at any time, regardless of where you are in finway, instead of having to navigate to the respective area first.

Please re-read, OCR!

You mistyped the information in the request and want OCR to read the invoice again? No problem, just activate OCR again in the request and your information will be overwritten.

Clearer now have become…

  • The filters, which you can now initially capture at a glance, and can also directly see which filter has already been set.
  • The display of the approval processes in requests.
  • The search for a new request in the dashboard, as you can now jump into it directly after creation via link.

Updates from the finway mobile app

Our mobile team has again fixed some bugs and made performance improvements this month.

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