finway Product Update: August 2023

Working with invoice inbox is now more secure and in addition more comfortable for finway professional users. The mobile app has also undergone some changes!

Forward your invoices via your company specific email address now, which contains only letters and numbers for more security

Working with the invoice inbox becomes more secure & comfortable

Company-specific address for forwarding invoices

The company-specific email address for forwarding invoices increases security for all finway users. finway professional users also benefit from the fact that they can now forward invoices directly to the correct invoice inbox if they use finway for several companies.

Move invoices to the correct invoice inbox

Again when working with several companies in finway, if a colleague accidentally sends an invoice to the wrong invoice inbox, you can now move it to the correct invoice inbox with just one click.

Revision control

With the revision control, which has as its goal the traceability of the respective business transaction, you get more transparency and can better track changes in finway.

Further improvements

The standard VAT rate is here

We heard you and saved you a click – VAT is now set to 19% by default when creating a request. Of course, you can also define a different default VAT rate.

There have also been some changes in the finway mobile app:

  • You can now also view hospitality receipts in the app.
  • You can now also track all steps in the approval process in the app.
  • The search function in the request creation, which you are already used to from the WebApp, is now also available to you on the go.
  • In addition, bug fixes and performance improvements ensure that the app’s stability continues to improve.

Get to know finway

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