finway Product Update: April 2022

With the April update, users can view and manage their finway package and invoices directly in their account. In addition, there are improvements to the CSV file, the invoice receipt and the subscriptions.

Manage invoice and package directly in the account

Manage your finway invoices and package easily in your account

With the integration of Stripe, you can view and manage your finway invoices and package directly in your account, as well as upgrade if necessary. You can also adjust the payment type and period yourself.

Further improvements

Cost center ID in the expense details page

Cost center ID 1 is now displayed in the drop-down list on the expense details page. It is also possible to search for these IDs.

Export format as tooltip

The export format (csv, DATEV etc.) will be added as a tooltip to the export tag in the future. In addition, you can filter by the export format.

Improvement of the CSV file

With the new release, the summary line will be removed as well as separate items will be shown so that each line has one item.

Add more requests to subscriptions

Sometimes you may generate multiple invoices within a subscription period (e.g. when pricing is by user, and you are adding new users during a subscription period). Now you can generate additional requests for this on the subscription details page and attach them to the subscription.

Multiple selection in invoice receipt

You have the possibility to select multiple invoices in the Invoice Receipt and link or add them to a request.


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