finway Product Update: June 2023

We want finway to seamlessly adapt to your processes. With the option to create custom roles, we’re taking a big step towards that goal. In addition, increased security standards and other innovations improve the way you work with finway.

With roles & rights, you can create custom roles and adjust view and editing rights.

Adapt finway to your organization with custom roles & rights

With roles & rights, you as a finway professional customer can precisely define which users have which permissions. If the standard roles employee, approver or admin do not exactly fit your organization, you can now easily create individual roles that are tailored to the needs of your organization.

New default role to audit your organization

The new auditor role is available in all finway packages and is used to audit your organization. Auditors can see all content of an organization, but cannot make any changes.

Separate operational and administrative responsibilities in finway

Especially in a more complex organizational structure with multiple companies in finway, it can be useful to separate operational and administrative responsibilities. Therefore, we have now introduced system administration rights. In accordance with the dual control principle, you need at least two system administrators who have the authority to edit important company information, such as your company’s contact data, or to add or remove employees and their permissions.

With the new password policy everyone has to choose a secure password.

Increased security with new password policies

Even in 2023, 123456 is still among the most used passwords worldwide. But not among finway users, who will have to adhere to new, stricter password guidelines. Among other things, passwords may not contain the user’s own name or e-mail address. In this way, even password grouches are required to use a secure password.

Further improvements

Which e-mail notification belongs to which company?

Enough searching for all finway users who use finway across several companies: You can now see directly in the email to which company which notification belongs.

Same expense account names possible

Expense accounts may now have the same names. If expense account names are repeated within an expense account frame, this is not a problem. They remain identifiable via the unique expense account ID.

Log in to the finway mobile app via single sign on for Google and Azure.

SSO (Single Sing-on) for the mobile app

The comfortable login via SSO for Google and Azure is no longer reserved for users of the finway web app. With this update, you can now also log in to the mobile app conveniently and securely via SSO. You don’t use the app yet? Then download it now for free.

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