finway Product Update: March 2023

Our mission is to make spend management as easy as possible for you. This month, we’re adding the possibility to create rules directly in the request. Moreover, an OCR update improves the data handling and the multi currency wallet makes finway more flexible.

Add rules and tags directly when creating a request.

Create rules for vendors and employees as well as tags directly in the request

The request is created, but the rule or tag for it still has to be created and then added to the request again – quite annoying. That’s why we save you the clicks now: You can create and add vendor and employee rules as well as tags directly when generating a request.

If there are discrepancies between the data you added manually and the data added via OCR, a modal window pops open.

What did OCR extract? Check the information

As before, OCR also automatically fills in data in requests. However, if you have already manually entered data in a request, OCR will no longer overwrite it: Instead, if there are differences between the data you have entered and the data OCR has read out, a window will open in which you can clearly see the differences. You then select directly in the window which data should be kept or overwritten.

You can now also set up wallets using GBP or USD as base currency

finway wallet and cards in GBP or USD? No problem!

You have your main company in Germany, but other subsidiaries in the UK or the USA? Then you can now select which currency (EUR, GBP or USD) should be the base currency of the wallet when setting up the finway wallet. Accordingly, you can then also use the finway cards with this base currency, so you are no longer affected by etc. fluctuations in exchange rates.

Easier matching in DATEV Rechnungswesen

Until now, we have blocked the entry of certain special characters in the SEPA subject line. Some DATEV users need these to be able to match their transactions in DATEV Rechnungswesen more quickly. Therefore, we now allow the entry of dots, spaces, hyphens, commas and slashes in the SEPA subject line. When exporting the SEPA XML, the characters will be exported according to the input, in all other export formats they will be removed automatically, as the invoice number must not contain spaces, umlauts or commas.

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