finway Product Update: Travel & mileage

The travel expense report with mileage allowance and additional meal expenses is here!
In addition, you can now submit entertainment receipts even more easily.

Travel and mileage

Travel & Mileage management

In finway, you can now easily carry out your travel expense reporting – instead of a receipt chaos and long waits for reimbursement, you can conveniently via finway

  • automatically calculate mileage allowances and additional subsistence expenses,
  •  scan and upload receipts for incidental travel expenses via app,
  • further process the travel expense invoice via the DATEV interface or a PDF export,
  • forward the travel expense report directly to the right person for approval and verification.

This minimises manual errors in travel expense reporting and makes processing and reimbursing travel expenses a hassle-free process.

Hospitality receipt

Hospitality receipt

The reimbursement of hospitality is now optimized – you can specify who was present at your business dinner and differentiate between individual items, such as food, drinks and wardrobe, via input fields. You can show tips separately, as no taxes are incurred for them. Of course, these receipts can also be easily uploaded via the finway app.

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