finway Product Update: January 2022

finway starts the new year with a further development of the multi-level approval workflows, which offer even more possibilities for automated invoice processing. In addition, cost centers can now be shared with employees as desired in order to better map team structures in finway.

invoice workflows tailored to your individual needs

Powerful automation & workflows tailored to your individual needs

With finway workflows II, we add even more customisation options that allow you to create more powerful automations of your approval processes than ever. With the update you will be able to:

  • Combine approvers in one approval step by utilizing AND/OR conditions
  • Define an amount trigger as well as the amount value
  • If-else conditions in regard to amount
  • Integrate auto-approver into your workflows
  • Create generally applicable rules that are not bound to one specific supplier, for example.
Enjoy more flexibility by sharing cost centers

Enjoy more flexibility by sharing cost centers

So far, cost centers could only be viewed by Admin or Approver profiles in finway. However, we want to adapt finway even better to your individual needs and therefore, we allow you to share cost centers – that means that you can grant viewing rights to Employee profiles individually. An example could be a VP Revenue owning the Marketing cost center, but sharing it for viewing with the Performance Marketing Manager, who needs to keep track of budget available. This way, you enjoy more flexibility and individualization options for your spend management processes.

Even besides new features, our software continues to evolve

From now on, we will not only use a gender-appropriate approach on the website, but also in the software, so that all employees feel addressed and comfortable when using finway. We want to live “Embrace diversity and be inclusive” not only within the team, but also holistically in the product. Because: #weputthefunfinance applies to everyone.

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