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11 new memes for accountants, finance managers, CFOs & Co

At the beginning of the year: New memes for the finance department! Are you still in the books for 2021 and need a break? Then give yourself one now. The world can wait for a moment, when you might have to wait so often for invoices, approvals and the like, and you are still expected to produce top forecasts and balanced accounts. Sometimes you might ask yourself: How is this supposed to work if not everyone is pulling in the same direction or if there are hardly any workflows? But in the financial sector, one or the other obstacle lurks around every corner. Let’s start with this one:

#1 Do you see double or triple?

How quickly does it happen that invoices end up in the system twice? Maybe you already work with text recognition software (OCR), but two or more of your creditors unfortunately use the exact same invoice number structure? Oh dear.


Rechnungen Rechnungsnummer

#2 Wait, I’ve got it in my wallet…

Do you still have to deal with this fuss? Does the rustling of crumpled thermal paper receipts give you cold sweats and goose bumps? Can’t blame you…

Rückerstattungen Reimbursement Meme

#3 Groundhog Day reloaded

Just when you thought you’ve got the duty behind you to get on with the fstrategic planning and other really relevant tasks, the daily accounting madness comes along again.

Daily Pain Points Accountants

#4 Oh, won’t somebody please think of the accountants!

…and where does the daily madness come from? Because you are often not sufficiently involved in decisions or your accounting cycles do not allow for real-time, daily insights into your figures. You then have to pay the price afterwards.

Ausgaben Buchhalter

#5 …but, not everyone is in the mood for that or doesn’t know what they are doing to you with it.

How often do you have to chase receipts, invoices, approvals, etc.? At what point does it become unpleasant to point them out again and how much time do you lose every month?


#6 After all, you also have to communicate the current situation to your boss.

However, while you may be able to keep track of the situation in your head with great difficulty, someone who has no insight into that magnificent brain of yours or your Excel spreadsheets, may find it difficult to follow what you are saying.

Finance Manager Budgetr

#7 Consequently, this happens:


Finance Manager Budget Discussion

#8 Discrepancies?

The sum of all transactions does not match that of all receipts? Oh dear, where do you think there is a mistake here? Has a receipt gone astray or have you mistyped some numbers when you manually copied it? Has a cell in Excel accidentally slipped out of place? Is the invoice date correct everywhere?

accounting-memes-14 1

#9 How should all this be solved once and for all?

All departments get nice software, only for the backbone of every organisation the market had nothing to offer for a long time? Yep, indeed. A holistic operating system, such as Personio has developed for the entire human resources sector, did not (yet!) exist. Speaking of which, do you already know finway? 😄

Meme 3 Drachen Buchhaltung

#10 Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?


Friedlich schlafender Buchhalter

#11 Clearly, you need a smart solution that fits your business!

Just imagine if your department could do everything a little more easily. If the processing of an invoice no longer took 7 days but only one hour, if invoices were no longer missing and receipts and transactions were automatically matched with each other. Just to name a few things. But this can be better explained with an actual look into finway’s software than with colourful memes. Let’s have a talk! 


Forest Gump Accounting Meme Buchhalter
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