Memes Accounting

10 accounting memes for CFOs, finance managers & Co.

1. Accounting vs. other colleagues – Two incompatible worlds?

Accounting Meme Submit Invoices

2. Accounting meme on the subject of expense reporting…

Accounting Meme Expense Reimbursement

3. No sooner is one monthly closing done than the next one is due – there is far too little time for anything else. Known?

Accounting Meme Monthly Closing

4. Where are the receipts? Why was so much paper ordered? WHO BOUGHT AN ALPACA?!

Accounting Meme Company Credit Cards

5. Submitting invoices is pretty difficult, huh? Do you also have such colleagues?

Accounting Meme Invoice American Chopper

6. Accountants: Dream vs. reality

Accounting Memes Accountants

7. Budget planning, quo vadis?

accounting memes budget planning

8. Houston, we have a workflow!

accounting Meme Invoice workflow

9. Expense reports from hell….

Accounting Meme Receipts

10. Did somebody say “digital workflows”?!

accounting memes digital workflows

Well, did you laugh? Or did these accounting memes painfully remind you of situations from your everyday working life? We’d be happy to hear about the former, and we’d love to talk to you about the latter. Leave us a chat message, give us a call or…

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