finway Product Update: December 2021

With the December update, you can now select the right bank account during payment, use Google Pay, top up your card wallet directly in finway via bank connection, and send colleagues invoice upload reminders quickly and easily. In addition, the Android app now allows you to easily upload or share receipts on the go.

Pay with Google Pay

Google Pay

Google Pay lets you make easy, secure, contactless purchases without having to carry your finway card. Simply add your physical or virtual card on your Android device, and you can conveniently pay on the go.

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Upload receipts for expenses conveniently on the go

Android App

With the new finway Android app, you enjoy convenient access to all the functions you need when you are on the move – whether you just want to place a purchase order, upload an invoice from your mobile phone or conveniently via our photo function or approve a request. In addition, you have mobile access to your settings and receive your notifications – whenever, wherever you want.

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Send invoice reminders

Invoice reminder

Are you tired of following up with your colleagues and employees regarding missing invoices on a day-to-day basis? finway provides an easy solution: With just one click you can send an reminder to your team – they will receive a notification email and can easily upload the missing invoice or forward it directly to finway via email.

Direct wallet funding via API

Fund your card wallet easier than ever

Currently, we have offered you the option to fund your wallet via bank transfer. To make the funding process even easier and more convenient, we now allow you to fund your card wallet directly from finway using our banking API. You only need to have your bank connected to finway. The result are less manual steps, more efficiency and convenience for you.

Choose your bank account while paying

Choose your bank account while paying from finway

In finway, you define your default bank account – until now, this bank account was also automatically used for your payment from finway. Especially with many accounts or payments from different accounts, this setting was not optimal. Therefore, we now offer you the possibility to select the bank account for the payment directly when making your payment out of finway. This gives you more flexibility for your payments.

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