finway Product Update: November 2021

The debit mode will give you even more flexibility for card transactions in the future. In addition, you can now also easily manage refunds and discounts in finway.

Debit mode for cards

Real-time funding and enhanced liquidity

We are excited to ship this new iteration of finway cards! With the new debit mode you won’t need to store money in your finway card wallet anymore, instead, your cards are topped up with the required amount from the finway wallet in real time during the transaction. Self-evidently, you enjoy full control over spending in your company with finway, since the funding of cards in real-time will be only allocated according to the requested and approved amount. You can still choose between debit mode and funding your wallet – it is completely up to you.

Work with refunds in finway

Refunds – now available for extended process coverage

Refunds are not uncommon in everyday business – e.g. when products are returned and the purchase price is refunded, discounts are granted or partial refunds are given. A correct reflection of discounts and refunds is hardly possible in many expense management systems. With this update, however, we finally provide you with a practical solution in finway with which you can cover – and to a large extent even automate – many use cases, including:

  • The creation of requests with positive and negative amounts, e.g. price of a laptop (€ 1,000) and a discount of 10% (- € 100).
  • Matching of (partial) refunds
  • Chargeback of the refund amount to your finway card – in addition, the corresponding request is automatically created for you. This allows you to upload the refund voucher directly in the associated request.
  • The request is marked with a “Refunded” tag and automatically set to “Paid”.

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