Neue Funktionen bei Finway im Mai 2021

finway product update: May 2021

  • Invoice receipt
  • Auto-approvement limits
  • 50 new currencies
  • Search function
  • Extended reporting
  • Data export on all pages
  • Budget status
  • Retroactive subscription entry
  • OCR enhancements
  • Billing and refund requests
  • Email notification settings

Invoice receipt

You now have the option to upload multiple invoices to finway at the same time. These are automatically read out via OCR without having to open them individually. This gives you the option to include the invoices in a new application or to add them to existing applications. If one of your applications says “Documents needed”, you can attach an invoice from the invoice receipt to this application. Email forwarding to this inbox is planned in the next release.

Auto-approvement limits

With the Auto-Approvement Limits you can now set that purchase and invoice requests up to a certain amount no longer require a review by an approver. Requests below this amount will be approved automatically. You can set the respective amount individually for each employee.

Additional currencies

With the new update, almost 50 new currencies will be added to finway. All currencies actively used in Europe are included, as well as the most important currencies worldwide. The conversion is retrieved and provided with the hourly rates of the European Central Bank (ECB) via timestamp. Furthermore, you have the possibility to change the global currency in your finway instance. This is then displayed in reporting, tables and as a default in applications.

Search function

All overview pages (dashboard, subscriptions, employees, suppliers, etc.) can be searched quickly and easily in the future, without a preselection via filter. Likewise, dropdown fields get a search function, so that suppliers, cost centers, approvers, etc. can now be searched and selected directly in the dropdown.

Extended reporting

In the future, you will have the option to visualize your expenses over time in two different ways. Using new filters, you can also filter specific time periods and cost centers for a better overview. A drill down allows you to get more details about the corresponding expenses. This can also be used to retrieve the associated invoices.

Data export on all pages

You can now make exports to DATEV-XML, CSV or document images on every finway detail page (suppliers, cost centers, employees and subscriptions) as well as export everything at the same time.

Budget status

The color display in reporting has been adapted so that you can get an overview more quickly. For example, budgets will be displayed in red in the future if the forecast exceeds the budget.

Adding subscriptions retroactively

In the future, you will be able to add subscriptions retroactively and attach an invoice or receipt to the first issue of the corresponding subscription.

OCR improvements

After automatic invoice recognition using OCR, the results are now color-coded so that you can directly understand whether all fields were read correctly.

Invoice and reimbursement requests

Invoice and reimbursement requests now include “Purchased On” fields to allow for better timing of expenses.

Settings for e-mail notifications

It is now possible to set per employee whether e-mail notifications should be sent from finway or not.

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