finway Product Update:
July 2021

The latest update includes collective & scheduled transfers, customizable tax keys and individual teams, and the ability to add cost units.

collective and scheduled transfers

Collective & scheduled transfers with customizable transfer purpose

With the July update, transfers can be triggered directly from the finway account as a scheduled or collective transfer with an individualized transfer purpose. Every item will be deducted separately from your bank account, but will only need one verification in finway. If you want to make collective transfers, you can pay individual bills as well as make collective transfers.

individualized vat rates & tax keys

Individualized tax keys

Available immediately are individualized tax keys, with which you can define different VAT rates than the current standard ones already supplied in finway. This will enable you to match tax keys to those in your bookkeeping system, such as DATEV.

individualized teams

Individualized Teams

Similar to the tax keys, you can now freely define your teams instead of using our predefined teams – if you delete a team with users in it, you will see a warning next to those users in the employees tab.

Add cost units

Cost center 2 (Cost units)

You can now, as long as you have defined them, select cost units in your finway account that can help you more clearly define what purpose specific expenses have. This will also be exported to DATEV.

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