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Make better financial decisions with a smart liquidity management tool

Cashflow planning has been a tedious and manual process for too long. Take back control over your liquidity now – with an easy-to-use cashflow management solution that consolidates your accounts, automates manual processes and provides you with the insights you need – for better, future-proof financial decisions.

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Get a grip on your liquidity at one glance

How long is your runway? Are you meeting your plan goals? KPIs & real-time insights at one glance.


Make better decisions - powered by data

Do you ever feel like you lack data for well-informed financial decisions? We provide you with the tools you need to make your best decisions possible.

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Spend your time on what really matters

Data entry and cashflow categorization are manual and cumbersome. With finway, you let us do the work for you and focus on what really matters.

The free liquidity management software from finway at a glance

Powerful dashboards – for full transparency over your liquidity

Powerful dashboards – for full transparency over your liquidity

Check the status of your cashflow situation at one glance with our powerful and easy-to-use dashboard. The most important KPIs give you real-time insights and allow you to visualize charts & KPIs based on different scenarios.

Consolidate your bank accounts

Consolidate your bank accounts

How much cash is in your bank accounts – need more than 1 minute to check? We connect more than 4,500 banks via API. The #1 info we show you is your cash balance – consolidated as well as by account.

Detailed view of your cash in- and outflows

Detailed view of your cash in- and outflows

No need to log in to different online banking systems to manage the transaction of all your accounts. You can easily connect all your bank accounts and view your cash inflows and outflows – at any time and at a glance.

Custom cashflow categories

Custom cashflow categories – categorized automatically

Get started with our best practice list of categories – or create your own. Whatever you choose, your cashflows will be categorized for you – by a smart algorithm that learns with every transaction. This leaves you with more time and headspace to focus on the profitability of your business.

Compare your forecast with different scenarios

Compare your forecast with different scenarios

In the “Actual vs. Forecast” view, you can not only compare your actual vs. different scenarios, but also recognize deviations at one glance. This allows you to foresee liquidity bottlenecks and proactively mitigate liquidity risks.


Unlock your full business potential – built on a strong financial operating system

Smart growth needs to built on a robust financial foundation. With finway, you have an intuitive – yet powerful instrument at your hand. Play through various scenarios, always see the full picture over your financial operations, and integrate Finance Ops into seamlessly into your daily workflows. We help you get the most out of your liquidity and make the best financial decisions you ever made – based on robust data and simulations – all in one tool.

Coming in early 2022

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FAQs about the free software from finway

What and who is finway?

finway is a fintech company from Munich and makes financial processes in SMEs as simple and intuitive as they should be in a digital world. This means, all invoices, subscriptions, approval processes and smart company cards united on one holistic platform. Therefore, finway combines intelligent automation, clear reporting and intuitive workflows. In addition to the spend management tool, the free liquidity management tool will arrive in early 2022, which can be used independently or in combination with finway.

Is the liquidity management tool really permanently for free?

Yes, using our finway liquidity management tool is permanently free of charge. However, if you want to use the whole finway tool (e.g. with invoice processing, cards and spend management) you can always upgrade. All features of finway at a glance

What do I need to get started?

The liquidity management tool is completely free of charge. Just connect your company’s bank account(s) and get started. finway liquidity is intuitive and easy to use.

Where can the finway tool be used?

Since the tool is web based it can basically be used in every browser.

Do I keep my data when upgrading to the finway Finance Operating System?

Of course, the main finway product will simply be activated and will also adopt the data you have already inserted into the finway liquidity management tool. If the user decides to purchase the complete finway product, all data will be transferred and implemented into the main Finance Operating System. Upgrading means no hassle whatsoever for the user.

Can I give my tax consultant access to my liquidity management account?

Yes, you can easily create an account for your tax consultant and give them the rights to access your liquidity planning. The accountant can also easily export the data needed for the annual financial statement from there.

How many user profiles can I create?

Generally, there’s no limitation on the total number of user profiles you can create in the tool.

What are the scenarios?

By changing certain parameters, it is possible to simulate different possible scenarios of events. These scenarios can be saved and be viewed at a later time. Another benefit of the scenarios is that it is possible to compare them to the actual state of the company, therefore making it possible to check if the predictions need to be altered to fit the current state of the business

FAQs about liquidity management

What is liquidity management?

Liquidity management basically is the process of tracking the amount of cash that the company has in its bank accounts and cash registers. The main goal of liquidity management is to track / check if the company is able to pay its obligations in cash, these can include rent, salaries etc.  Therefore, correct tracking of cash amounts is crucial for successful business.

How can I benefit from using liquidity management in my daily workflow?

Liquidity management gives your company security in daily operations that you will be able to pay all obligations until the end of the month and each business year. By checking it regularly, you are able to easily plan and secure the future of the company.

What benefit can I expect when using a liquidity management tool?

Using a liquidity management tool in your daily workflow can help you to keep track of your current and future financial situation. Being aware of potential liquidity bottlenecks way before they occur or being able to plan your future spending by creating individualized scenarios are features every company benefits from.

Who needs to do liquidity management?

Liquidity management is important for all companies, since it is essential to overview all relevant business information. Therefore, it is crucial to have an overview of all cash in and outflowing, something that the finway tool provides for free.

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